BTS Shopping at the Fabric Store

11yo and I have had a lovely time going out to shop for her back-to-school wardrobe this week.  We had some nice girly time, and her figure has settled in a bit from child to tween, so I know what direction to take her wardrobe.

That said, for some reason the choices for bottoms at the stores (big stores) were jeans, leggings, denim shorts, or *very* short skirts.  Um.  No.  So, we had our stash of clothes, I had some clue about what she likes (at this moment) and what looks good on her … so it was time to hit the fabric store for patterns and such.  I have plenty of time to sew things up – school starts on Aug 24, and anyway she  only *goes* to school once/wk.  (Whatever, she still needed clothes – she grew over 4″ last year.. everything had to be replaced).

Here’s the fabric take:


The red is for me, you’ll hopefully see that quite soon.  (I’m swooning over this pattern, can’t wait to see if it works as well as I think it ought).

The blue with roses is a stretch denim, which will be a pencil skirt.  The teal is a linen blend, which will be a pleated skirt.  And the plaid is the only plaid at Joanne’s that she liked, and I’m going to make that into a simple schoolgirl dress because she fell madly in love with a dress at Forever 21, which I bought for her, even though it’s a tad short and a tad snug.  (Whatever.  F21?  It will be dead in a month.  And it was cheap.  And she’s 11, so everything she has is somewhat transitory.  Sewing for growing children is NOT where you put your couture efforts, unless you have enough kids to do the hand-me-down thing).  (Anyway, she loved it – LOVED it).

I expect there will be quite a few variations of all three of these garments, they’re basics for her, and I’ve been doing the closet minimalist thing with her for some years, and all it has gotten us is endless, “Oh no.  You cannot wear THAT.” discussions, when something gets stained or shrunken or .. and there is very little to replace it.   I’m stuffing this closet, folks.  SO done with that problem.  (My version of “stuffing” a closet is two weeks worth of clothes without repeats, lol).


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