I’ve been tired so I pulled out some very long-neglected handstitching and watched the Great British Sewing Bee (if you sew, you must watch this show – you will learn so much about what makes a good sew “good”) on youtube.

I finished it today…  This is a pillow I found at an antique store when I was visiting my husband’s family out of state.  I love old handwork, but the edging was fraying off something dreadful, so I decided to cut it off, restuff the pillow (I just used a pillow form) and restitch the edges.  It took a long time… at least six or eight hours.  I didn’t know the thread I chose (quite a long time ago) would match the couches we got just a couple of years back, that’s kind of funny.  I only wish I could do this kind of crewel work, it’s so beautiful.


In other news, I was working on a garment for a friend’s baby, and I wanted to show you another type of hemstitching.  This is a catch-stitch, and it’s often used in tailoring and in couture as a seam finish.  I work most stitches from right to left, as I’m right handed, but I just can’t get a catch-stitch to work properly unless I work it left to right.

So, here’s what a semi-invisible hem looks like.  (I might have taken smaller stitches, you can see some of them on the outside).



2 thoughts on “Handstitching

    1. hearthie Post author

      That wasn’t my embroidery (crewel) work. Just the border. That was my fabulous shopping of someone else’s crewel work. 😀 It is gorgeous, isn’t it? They could SEW back in the day.



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