A nod to Ralph Lauren

I just realized… this skirt  has been in my “looks to covet” for a good while… here’s the original runway look:

Ralph Lauren Lace Skirt: Runway

Here’s a ready-to-wear version, still Ralph Lauren:

Ralph Lauren Tiered Skirt

And here’s me (not tall, not slim)… but looking very much like myself.


The skirt came out looking much puffier than I’d anticipated – definitely one of my faults as a seamstress is not anticipating what my fabric will do.  This eyelet had quite a lot of body, and it’s foofy.


Some details…

Fabric:  Cotton eyelet from the local discount fabric store, lined with cotton shirting from Fabric Mart (a light tan, rather flesh-colored).

Construction:  I used close to my normal proportions, but it was important to me to retain as much as possible of the edge lace, which was on either side of the fabric.  (I had two edges to use, then the middle of the 55″ fabric is the regular eyelet).  I used one edge for the bottom tier, and cut the middle two tiers at about the 2/3 mark.  The top tier is pieced and fitted.   When all was said and done, it *needed* something, so I ran out to Joanne’s and picked up some lace to give that “edge” a bit of pretty.   That’s handstitched on.

Because I wanted to keep the edges, obviously I couldn’t sew them down!  So I used the lining (which would have been necessary anyway, with eyelet) as a base.  The tiers are sewn individually to the tiers of the underskirt.  To control the insane amount of volume, I then zigzagged the edges down.  Each tier overlaps about 2-3″ over the underskirt.

Styling:  New top I picked up from Penney’s, and a leather mesh belt.  I do have a couple of pair of leather moccasins to wear with this, and once it cools down to a temperature that agrees with closed shoes, I’ll break them out.  I’m quite pleased with this, midway through I was despairing of all the volume, but I quite like it.  If you can say one thing for this, it’s definitely romantic bohemian!

I’m so pleased.  Hope you enjoy… just another cotton tiered skirt from yours truly.


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