Border Lace Skirt

I bought this border lace *last* Spring, I think.  (At my local discount fabric store).  It’s always been intended as a tiered skirt, but I was fidgeting around trying to figure out how to construct it.  I did that last week, sitting and waiting while my kids were swimming, and have cut the outer fabric.


I’m going to construct an inner skirt of a pale tan cotton I got online (from fabricmart), and attach each lace layer (except the top tier) to the inner skirt separately, so that the effect of the lace scallops at the bottom is retained.  This will have a waistband/zipper.

I was going back and forth about whether to line the last layer, but because the eyelet is so sheer, I think it would look odd (and kind of shoddy) to *not* line it.  Not like that’s a ton of work, and I have a lot of that cotton (I did think it would be a nice basic color – not for me, it’s not).

I have kind of a lot of the fabric from the middle left, so I might see if I can’t squeeze out a princess seamed short sleeved shirt.  I’m tired of the shirred shoulder shirt though, so that will be later, after I get another pattern I like under my belt.  The last ivory eyelet shirt got a great deal of wear, no sense not going for a guaranteed winner!

Let’s hope this skirt is the same… it should be.  🙂


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