Sewing Machine Feet

Because Fiber reminded me….

What I use:

  • Regular foot and the embroidery foot that looks almost like the regular foot, but is clear so I can see what the sewing machine is doing.  I use them nearly interchangeably.
  • Zipper foot.
  • Button foot.
  • Rolled hem foot – but I really should stop on anything I’m not going to hand wash.  I have an 1/8″ rolled hem foot and the hems come unhemmed in the wash and look frayed.  So twee and cute when it is sewn up, then a big mess.  :p  I want to get a 1/4″ rolled hem so maybe it will quit doing this.  Because rolled hems are the bomb, and they’re not a hand-sewing skill I have at this moment.  (I should probably work on that, I like the light, delicate materials that call for that hem).

What I bought and don’t use

  • The gathering foot.  I can’t be bothered to fiddle with “how much is this going to gather, oh wait, I can’t fiddle with it to add a bit of extra room or take a bit more out?  No – no thanks”.

What came with my machine and I don’t use, but would if I did this stuff.  (It’s a foo-foo machine, what can I say).

  • Quilt guide (would use if I quilted)
  • Blind hem foot (I do this by hand)
  • Overlock foot (is THAT what that is? I hate using the overlock stitch on my machine, it takes forever)
  • Cording foot (pretty technique, must try someday)
  • Darning foot/Walking foot

Really Useful Thing to Do:

Go to a sewing class that shows you how to use all the feet – this sort of sewing class came with my sewing machine, though I did have to sign up for it.  Keep your samples.

If you don’t have that option, carefully work through your instruction manual and keep a sample book.

And can I again tell you how WONDERFUL a book the Sewing Machine Classroom is?  Goes on Christmas list if you don’t have it.  Trust me.



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