Reading Sewing Blogs is Good for You

I have learned an immense amount about my craft from reading sewing blogs.  Another question from my new sewing friend was, “what blogs would you recommend to the novice seamstress?”

First off – any blog is fine.  🙂  Just reading about what people make is good.  I tend to be drawn to blogs with a certain aesthetic more than a certain level of craft.  Check out the side bar!  The best there for tutorials are the Dreamstress, and Lilacs and Lace.  Check also the blog side bar on many bloggers and surf around to find blogs that are helpful.

Other blogs – I say this all the time to new seamstresses, but check out Tilly and the Buttons.  She’s newish to the sewing game, she’s got some great tutorials on her site, and everything is very clear.

Sewing blogs are people just talking about the sewing they’re doing, so sometimes you get a tutorial, sometimes you get a finished piece, and sometimes you get a discussion about fabric quality or suchlike.   The pictures of the insides of garments, the discussions of what folks did to get where they were trying to go, how they had to rip things out and redo them or change direction… that’s also a big part of why sewing blogs are so great.  If you only see finished pictures, maybe you think that everything gets thrown together easy peasy – ha!

Another weird, fun resource is sewing TV.  Yes, there are real sewing programs (see youtube) but I was thinking of one show in particular, that has upped my sewing game more than once – just watching other folks do things, and see what the best-practice standards are, and how to get there.  I’m talking about the Great British Sewing Bee.  Other than the odd bit of silly flirting from the host, it is kid friendly, so you can watch it without your headphones on.  Or with.  Whatevs. 😉  I enjoy watching it when I have a lap full of handsewing to get to.  It’s *nice* even though it’s a competition, Project Runway certainly doesn’t send people out for tea breaks.  (PR though it used to be very drooly for the clothes isn’t helpful to learn to sew – too fast, too advanced, they often don’t use home sewing techniques or use terrible technique to get things done quickly).  Check youtube, settle down with some tea and enjoy the nice British people.

The point of reading blogs is just “hanging out” with people who are doing what you want to do – you’ll pick a lot of stuff up without even noticing!

Hope this helped……


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