Formula for Tiered Skirt

Having found the best place for my tiers to land, proportionally, I decided to *write down the math* that I do each and every time I make a tiered skirt in a notebook (!) so that I don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time I crank one out.  (I had some time waiting for the kids to get out of swimming lessons).


Not like it’s complicated, but I redo it every time, and it’s silly.  This will work for any width of fabric, as long as I switch out the top tier (which is very small and takes little fabric) as needed.  (The above is for some very lightweight cotton gauze, so it has a inner half-lining, normally my skirts don’t require that).

I have three tiered skirts that have been waiting to be made up for ev er, and I’d like to get them done.  There are minor differences… but I’ll get to those when I have something to show you!


2 thoughts on “Formula for Tiered Skirt

    1. hearthie Post author

      It’s a pretty basic formula…. and I’ve made enough of them to know exactly where I want the “troublesome” tier to hit my stomach (or why that first tier is so short). I know I prefer and enjoy a lot of swishy fabric, so to maximize that. And I know I prefer an ankle/top-of-foot length.

      I have tried zipper closures (good) and button closures (bad) and though I’m not a huge fan of elastic waists, the gauze calls out for casual. Plus I’m not sure it would hold up to a waistband & zipper and button.



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