Drumroll, please

My husband *loves* dirndl.   Loves!  So much so he gave me a copy of a dirndl pattern and a book on the history of the dirndl for Christmas.  He’s been hoping I’d make the lower-bodiced version of the dirndl I have since I made the denim vest version some time ago.

So, since our anniversary is coming up this month, I decided that making a beautiful (low-cut) dirndl would be a great way to show him some love.


I wanted my dirndl to be light-weight – it is July, after all – and I went searching for a pretty fabric.  I landed on that glorious silk shantung with the daisies that you’ve been admiring for the past couple of weeks.

I chose not to do the apron, because I do want to wear it out and about, and not to Oktoberfest, and um, we don’t live in Germany.  So something inspired by dirndl without aprons.

I chose not to do the gathered skirt, because they look terrible on me.  I made a six gore skirt instead, which necessitated some creative closure solutions… actually the closures have taken me some time to suss out and make happen.

I don’t have much of a hip-to-waist difference, so I only need a slight opening between waist and hip to have a wearable garment – but I do need *something*.  I wasn’t going to put a 3″ seam in the middle of my six-gore skirt, I don’t look well in seams down the middle.  But that is where I wanted the closure of the bodice.  What to do?

What I did was put a closure on the bodice down to the waist, and then another closure from about the empire waist line to a few inches below the waist on the center front.  Awkward, especially when I tried what the pattern recommended, which were hooks & eyes.  Talk about pulling.  :p  I’ve spent quite a few hours today pinstitching the fabric around the invisible zips that I eventually used to keep them from pulling too much when the dirndl is on.

Other things – I added spiral steel boning to keep the flat look that dirndl have properly.  Between my figure and the silk, the flat was just not happening without a bit of help.  It’s on the center seam, the bustline seams, and the armpit seams.  I used jewelry findings to hold the ribbons on for the lacing.  I tacked the waist ribbon on – I don’t like belt loops on this sort of thing.  I seem to have made something of a faux pas though… I put the second zipper on the left hand side (because I’m right handed) and therefore the bow goes on that side (because it’s covering some oddness with the zipper) and apparently that means I’m single not married.  Hopefully the German Fashion Symbology police will forgive me – and everyone else will just check out my left hand for the rings.  😉

I need to put in the hem, and make a blouse… the blouse I was planning to use didn’t work well, and doesn’t please DH.  And after all, that’s the point – making something really pretty for him to admire.

Hope you enjoyed the teasing, it’s about been driving me nuts not having time to sew and finish this up!   🙂


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