1)  Sorry about no sewing, one thing and another, we spent the week redoing the sewing room.  Not quite done yet, so no pictures… yet!  It’s quite a story, I look forward to telling you the whole thing.  I have to say, I’m thrilled.  My “sewing room” is also the patio, the pantry, the gym, the cat/dog area, and miscellaneous storage… so it’s hardly an elegant zone.  But as of now, it’s far more beautiful and cleaner and more logical and serviceable.  -pleasedface-

2)  Though we worked Thurs/Fri/Sat (and collapsed into a heap today) I did get some sewing in – my brain was awake even though my body was tired.  I spent TWO HOURS hand sewing these hooks and eyes on, only to find that while the pattern called for hooks and eyes, they were ridiculous.  So I cut them alllllllll out and replaced with a zipper or two.

And here’s your teaser picture for today!



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