Crossfit: Why is it such a cult?

So, I’ve been doing crossfit for just over four months, and I want to try to figure out why “the first rule of crossfit: always talk about crossfit” exists.

1) It’s the workload.  Seriously.  If your regular workout asked you to reduce yourself to a pile of sweat where you had to sit down (or lie flat on the floor) for a minute just breathing before you could do so much as walk to a white board to write your time down… wouldn’t you tell me about it?  I think you would.

2) It’s the camaraderie.  So, while I’m being reduced to a pile of quivering jelly doing my very best – so is the 25yo ball of muscle next to me.  We all suffer together.  There are high-fives all around when we’re done.  Encouragement.

3) It’s the accomplishments:  Whether you’ve taken inches off or just increased your personal abilities, something about working to your absolute max on the regular *does* increase that max pretty quickly – especially at first.  And it’s pretty awesome, especially for a woman, to find out what she can really lift.   Improvements, they happen.

4) We can’t forget, because we’re in pain, so we’re always thinking about what we did to anger our (fill in the blank) so thoroughly.

5) It feels really good to use your body that totally, to feel *real* hunger, to feel *real* tiredness – not because of stress or because it’s lunchtime, but because those calories were burnt – to a crisp!  It’s like taking off decades and remembering how your body hungered and thirsted and wanted rest when you were a teenager.  (Unfortunately it doesn’t restore youth – my teenager does CF too, and his recovery time is about 1/8 mine).

So – since we’re actually doing work in the gym (or the box) that is making immediate changes, not just endless booooorring hours on the treadmill, of course we want to share and get you in with us.  And yes, we want to brag about what we get done (I promise to be completely annoying when I finally get my handstand) because hello, did you even think it was POSSIBLE for a (formerly) sedentary 42yo to do a handstand when she’d never done one in her life?

I hope this answered the “why do those nutjobs have to TALK about it all the time” question.  🙂

And I’m still in the fitting stages of my next pretty so I don’t have anything there to talk to you about. 😀


5 thoughts on “Crossfit: Why is it such a cult?

  1. Bike Bubba

    It strikes me that a lot of churches ought to take a look at the relationship building that Crossfit does and follow the example. Too many end up with minimal relationships and the pastor ends up trying to drive the sheep instead of lead them, with predictable and depressing results.


    1. hearthie Post author

      True. Transparency and community are important. Have I mentioned (to you) how much I ADORE my church because of those qualities?

      But I don’t think my church should import the gym dog. Much as it makes me laugh when I get a dog nose in my ear when I’m lying on the floor trying to breathe. 😉


  2. superslaviswife

    I was the same when I learned about ancestral dieting, and again when I worked out about biochemical individuality, and again when I saw the effects of free weights, and again when I started reading on the warrior diet… I think some people must think of me as “the non-vegan health nut” by now.



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