Miscellany: A long unfinished project


After washing and pressing

Many moons ago I realized that I have a “heirloom sewing machine” and that mayyyybe, since I am passionately in love with all things Edwardian and lacy, I should take advantage of those features.  (Call me crazy).  So I pulled out a light weight bit of cotton shirting, sewed up my normal peasant blouse pattern and went crazy with special finishes for the collar and cuffs.

Then, to prove that I’m certifiable, I decided to put hand-embroidery on the front bodice.  Uh.  And then it took me over a year to finish what was not, quite frankly, much embroidery at all.  (And not especially well.  I love embroidery.  Madly.  I do not love sitting still and embroidering.)  But swimming season happened, and I had loads of time to sit idly in extremely well-lit conditions … and I got it finished.


Sleeves before washing

Washed it up to get all the markings out, and I’m a little disappointed.  Yes, all the markings came out, but some of the edging came out too.  I’m going to have to try this while using wash-out stabilizer, see if it works better.  It’s a LOVELY effect.

Well, I have something *very* special to wear it with… and I think it will work.  Have to see after the Something Special is finished.  😀


3 thoughts on “Miscellany: A long unfinished project

  1. superslaviswife

    Looks lovely! And I understand the pain of long projects. I remember my first very long project: a life-sized baby doll, with full detail, dressed to look like a cartoon character I loved. It took three months to lovingly finish the doll and about a week for each carefully detailed outfit (it’s a very long series, so for every 20-50 episodes he had an outfit change). Once he was done and had his standard costume, a coat and I was looking at making his weapons, I told myself I would never make another one. True to my word so far, but I recently rediscovered the patterns and I’m starting to think it would be a lovely project if we’re fortunate enough to have daughters some day.

    How have you been?


    1. hearthie Post author

      Oh what a great project! 🙂

      I’ve been good, just completely crazy with the end of the school year and transitioning to summer activities and life-patterns. Changing over my rhythms always throws me for a loop. Almost caught up with myself now,maybe one more week of insanity.

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