By Request

Since Fiber and TxB wanted to see pictures of my ribbons, here you go:



I know the pictures are pretty awful, they were through glass.  Even without the flash, the mannequin is substantially slimmer than I am, so it looked a bit odd.  But see – I dids get ribbons!  🙂

I am extremely pleased to announce that the overall quality of the needlework this year went WAY up.  Not just mine – my chapter did a lot of fair entries, many of which won blue ribbons.  ASG had a great showing this year.  The knitting was to die for, there were many beautiful hand-knit creations.

You can always see what the latest fad in needlework is, by checking out the number of entries and the quality of entries.  Knitting has come back up in the last five years or so, from almost nothing to cabinets stuffed full of lacework, mannequins wearing beautiful celtic sweaters, etc. etc.

I wish I’d spent a bit more time up there!  🙂


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