Flower Power

I no longer have to tag obediently behind my family at amusement parks, they are now in charge of being able to find ME!  LOL.  Every time I wear the dress of the rainbow feather-flowers, DH tells me that he’s going to have me wear it to amusement parks so I don’t get lost.   But it *is* a tad dressy… so I had a remmant, and this blouse (Vogue 1270) is a very frugal pattern.

I give you – flower power.


It’s a nice comfortable cotton voile, so it will be good at the parks.  🙂

In other news, this is the last of the things I had stacked up and cut from ??? – was it a month ago or more??  I need to not do *that* again.  :p  And now I can attack 11yo’s wardrobe, which needs my attention – stat!

In the meantime, my BIL has pronounced this the fabric that Jimmy Buffet threw up on, so I am going to harass him about that for the next decade or so.  😀

See you in the funny papers!


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