Managing color

The flannel that I made DH’s last shirt from is a mix of yarn-dyed bright navy and black in a twill weave.  From a distance, it reads as a dark navy.  This color can be taken for virtually any season, with changes in buttons and/or topstitching.

Here’s a true-to-color picture of the fabric (complete with cat hair – yes, it’s off to the wash before he wears it):


My husband is a summer, with bright blue eyes and pewter brown hair.  So I put brown buttons on this – it plays down the intensity of the color and brings out more of the navy feel.  (Here’s a picture, with too much flash – lightens the colors quite a lot, but you still get the idea).


If my husband were a winter, I’d have gone with black buttons.  If he were a spring, I’d have gone with blue buttons, or maybe green.  If he were an autumn, I’d have gone with darker brown buttons and brown topstitching.

If you ever end up with a shirt that is *almost* your color but doesn’t quite suit you, try changing up the buttons and see where you get.

Here’s another couple of pix of shirts w/buttons… in both cases the buttons *made* the shirt.  Baby blue matches DH’s baby blues, and that hot turquoise loves me… but steel grey buttons and stitching take it up to the next level, and I got mad compliments on that shirt with the red buttons and lace.

002 006 (11)

Just something to think about.  Buttons are easy to sew, and your local fabric store has a pile.  You can do SO much with a good button.


2 thoughts on “Managing color

    1. hearthie Post author

      Thank you! I regret to say that it hit the big “oh dear it’s stained” pile in the sky this month, but I’ll remember it fondly. 🙂



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