Blue Linen Shirt

Is this shirt wearable?  Yes!

Is this shirt what I wanted it to be?  No!

So, if you’ve been following my husband-shirt-follies, you know that I made him a sloper in January, and I used some very soft voile to make up my first version.  He was about 20lb heavier then, and voile is naturally drapey.  I thought I’d hard-nailed the fit, so I cut him three shirts about a month ago.

Shirt #1, when he wore it, was HUGE.  Like, “did you shop in the elephant department?” huge.   -sigh-  I tried taking dart-tucks in the back, which he ripped out as soon as he bent over to put on his boots.  I ended up straightening the side seams, which wasn’t really enough, and slimming out the sleeves/shortening them/raising the pocket so that the shirt would be slimmer in appearance.  Just glad that it’s over – and that that was a remnant.

So, for shirt #2, I first straightened those side seams, then I took out an additional 1″ on each back side and 1/2″ on the front side.  This helped. Not quite enough, but it helped.  Pocket was raised, sleeves were shortened (but not as much as the first shirt).  Result – a good shirt.  It’s fairly casual because of the details I used and the fact that this linen is a tad on the coarse side.  That’s okay, he wears jeans to work.  Doesn’t have to be dressy.


I have another shirt, and I’m going to use the same changes on it.  Not a big deal, it’s a flannel shirt.  Long sleeved, I get tired of seeing him in his one long-sleeved flannel shirt, tugging to try to keep his wrist-bones covered.  (Tall man with proportionally long arms – even the tall sizes leave him gaping).  And then I’ll go over the first shirt, and redo the sloper … but I have a lot of sewing between here and there.  Thus, notetaking.

To be honest, I’m disappointed.  I was hoping to have hit the mark.  I have two *beautiful* shirtings to sew up for him – but I won’t cut those until I fix the problems I found this time ’round.  So frustrating!

In the meantime, I didn’t give this a final pressing because I wanted to send it through the washer and dryer – that linen really IS coarse, and it could use some softening up before he wears it.

C’est la vie.  Sometimes I feel like I should know things before I spend enough time working them out, you know?  And this *is* a custom-made shirt sloper, by me, who has never made a man’s shirt sloper before in her life.

Onward!  I have two more shirts cut and ready to sew…… the last of his shirts for a while, then one for me.  And then … 11yo, whose wardrobe is distressing at best.

Time.  I need more TIME.


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