Men’s Shirt Fitting: Part 3002

I was trying to figure out why the shoulders on DH’s shirt looked off.  I knew I’d put them right where all the bodice slopers said to put them, on the indent notch where your shoulder pivots out into an arm… but it looked odd.  What gives?

And then I’ve spent hours staring at men’s tailored shirts online (trying to fix the extra fabric fiasco) and voila!  Men’s shirt shoulders aren’t set at the same point that women’s are.  -headdesk-  They’re tapered out from the shoulder about an inch more – so they make a soft diagonal line from the chest up to the shoulder.  Visually widening the space, rather than narrowing it and setting in for a closer fit.

In other words, the line makes the man’s shoulder look wider, which is desirable.  :p  Oh well, DH has plenty wide shoulders, it isn’t a deal-breaker.  Just something to fix before I cut into the good fabrics.


Not something I can fix post-cutting, but I have a lot of changes to make to his shirt sloper anyhow.  All of which I need to put on paper before I forget the changes I’ve made.


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