Southern Belle: Radio Silence

Quick update:  No, the world hasn’t swallowed me up.  Or maybe it has?  :p  This has been a crazy week.  It’s the end of May, the end of May is always loco.  Too much end-of-school stuff to do, loads of events and places to be, and we have birthdays, Memorial Day and Mothers’ Day on top of *that*.   You think I’m sewing?  Hah.

Well.  Actually I have some mending to do, and I had a busy day yesterday, so there’s a good chance that the rest of today will find me chilled out on the couch doing some hand sewing to mend up my county fair entries.  (Have to be turned in on Tuesday – eek).

Have I mentioned that my husband found that his shirts were *too big* and I had to do some last-minute resizing?  -sigh-

But crazy or not, I was very squee to find my pattern in my mailbox – I got dear Southern Belle, which I have been lusting after for some time.   Here she is, and I can’t think of a prettier dress to make up… eventually.   😉

So – I’m still here, I still have a lot of sewing to do, and oh … 10yo will from here out be referred to as 11yo, since we had her bday party yesterday.  🙂


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