One shirt down…

… and one shirt out of the closet.   (I did this with my aqua shirt yesterday too).004

I enjoy, if that’s the right word, making shirts for my husband.  The type of sewing is completely different from women’s clothing.  With women’s clothing, it’s all full of curves and soft bits and places you ease in.  Lots of coaxing of fabric, and meticulous?  Eh.  You can work around that and still get a good result.

Men’s clothing is just the opposite.  It’s all about the technical details.  That kind of makes me crazy, but it also makes me a better seamstress.   It was fun to do today, when I had focus but not energy.

So – DH has his first replacement shirt.  I’m happy that this was out of a remnant I found in the drawer – I had no idea when I bought this fabric that I had enough for another entire shirt!!!  Total stash-find.  😀

Of course I’m using the updated pattern I made for him earlier this year… I hope this fits better!  (And sorry people at work – you can no longer see his biceps, per his request).

But that brings me to the second picture, which is the picture of the shirt that just hit the “rip the buttons off and put it in the trash” pile.  YIKES.  I did *say* that some of our things really needed replacing, and I knew I wasn’t kidding, but I didn’t know that I wasn’t kidding, um… THIS much.  You know?  Again… yikes.  (For my records, I sewed the first shirt in September 2013).  (I’m wondering why it has aged so poorly – this fabric must really hate the chlorine in SoCal’s water!)



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