Last Blouse


Last Ehlen blouse for me… the prettiest of the lot.

This blouse is made of offwhite eyelet linen with ivory eyelets, courtesy Fabricmart, and lined with “country classics” cotton courtesy Joanne’s.  I finished the sleeves with a scallop stitch and snipped out the extra fabric.


Unlike the shirt for DH, this took me about three hours!  Well, practice makes perfect, right?

*This is replacing my white eyelet blouse from last year… darn stains… that one definitely hurt to get rid of.  But get rid of it I did – it’s wardrobe maintenance time.  Hey, I actually get to have a net *increase* with the next shirt… finally… -snorts-

Modeled pic, for Susan.  🙂   So, on me the light pink becomes a soft neutral color.  Not quite flesh-toned, but a modest version thereof.  Except this neckline is a bit low for THAT.  Oh well.



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