Just a Cutting Fool

I have a big stack of fabric that is already made into garments…. in my head.  So since today was a quiet day, with everyone feeling poorly (not horrible, it’s just a sneezycold, but we’re energy-free), I set about reducing the stacks of fabric into bits of fabric.  Hey, I can do SOMETHING, right?  🙂  Brain yes, body no.

My clothes are not the only ones slowly disintegrating.  However, I found that the remnant of the first shirt I ever made for DH (oh my… soooo faded, with this to compare) had enough fabric for a brand new shirt, to his personally-sized pattern, with the changes, and on the short-sleeve plan.  Woot!


I cut out the last Sew Chic blouse for this year… including lining.  And I cut last year’s Vogue blouse out of my flowerfeather fabric remnants.  (That’s two remnant shirts today, if you’re keeping track – woot).


I have two more shirts for DH I’d like to cut while I have his pattern out… two more after that to make, should these shirts look as perfect as I am devoutly hoping that they shall.

And then I shall sew.  🙂

And then … well, I went pattern shopping today for 10yo, so then I’ll work on some clothes for her!


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