A very sweet shirt

I forgot I’d gotten this fabric until I was rummaging around looking for that skirt to cut up, so I cut two blouses and sewed up one yesterday.  A pretty voile, it was on massive sale at fabricmart and I bought a ton of it.  A little too close to my skin tone for outer clothing, I think next make will be a camisole – I have a pretty camisole pattern that will like this, especially with some lace detail.

Onward.  After slaughtering the pattern and sewing up about five muslins, putting this together was easy.  It’s fully lined, except for the sleeves, because the voile is quite transparent.

There will shortly be an aqua linen version of this, and I sent out for some ivory eyelet.  It’s very comfortable, and graceful – but I think three is enough.  I will keep my eyes open for another great blouse pattern.

003 004

I do quite like that I can wear it tucked in without worrying about it sliding up.  Because of the waistband, it doesn’t blouse over my belt at all.  That’s a good thing.

So anyway, here she be!   🙂


6 thoughts on “A very sweet shirt

    1. hearthie Post author

      Thankies. I like the flare, but the waist definition calls me to tucking land. I noticed wearing it that the 5/8th” seam down from where it *was* hitting gives me more cleavage than I necessarily want….. I’ll cut the lace up a bit.



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