What do you think?

I have just enough of the Utterly Mad Flower Fabric left over for a sleeveless blouse, I was thinking of making it up in last year’s blouse pattern – I think it might go well.   And anyway, no sense letting the fabric sit around bored and I *need* clothes.


This blouse:

006 (11)

This fabric:



3 thoughts on “What do you think?

  1. Maeve

    Hearth, I’m not sure about the blouse idea, but I could totally see a bolero with some piping; or maybe one that could be worn on either side?


  2. Susan

    I’d go for it, but I’m all about the bold print. When worn with an ankle-length skirt, for example, the bold print would be the lesser part of the outfit. It may emphasize the feather-like quality of the print that first drew you to the fabric.



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