A Moment of Silence for a Good Pattern

Ach, people.  The things I’ve done to this blouse pattern.  I *think* I might be at the end of the muslining and redesign process – I cut a final muslin last night to check it, but haven’t sewn it up yet.   I’m actually a little sick of the whole thing – endless muslins don’t give you the satisfaction of a pretty new garment!

So, here was the muslin before, with the final changes to the pattern.


I changed

…. the sleeve:  I didn’t like the band.  I made the sleeve longer.  I was going to put in a ribbon tie instead of the band but it looks cool and slimming just open.

… the shoulder.  My shoulders are narrow (?) and very square.  I took almost an inch off there.

… the bust.  Yeek.

… the front waist… increasing and decreasing until I found the perfect fit

…. the neckline ( I rounded it slightly and opened up the back neck slightly).

….the front center seam, which I eliminated for fitting and simplicity reasons.

…. no more side zipper, unless I fit the waist very tightly, I don’t need it.  And that throws off the fit of the shirt.  So – no need, no zip.

… the back.  I cut a 12, which worked beautifully except I needed a little extra room right below the arms.  (I have a back-armpit fat pad that I loathe, but loathing it doesn’t disappear it – so I have to fit around it until it goes away or becomes muscle.  The latter probably, we do a lot of overhead shoulder presses in CF).

Poor pattern.  Cute little thing…

Well, after all of this I *really* hope this thing is amazing in fashion fabric, because I REALLY need more blouses, stat!


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