A little appreciation

My husband took some seriously needed surprise vacation … which is awesome.  I’ve been so stressed out, what with the hours he’s been working lately (12-14 hours out of the house/day is getting to be “normal”) and the cancer stuff with my BFF.  (They found four positive nodes during her surgery, after the first run of chemo – she’s in for more chemo, and has been diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of cancer.  They have meds for that, it still sucks and is stressful).

When I’m stressed, I find it difficult to be creative.  So, taking a break is important for me!  I’d really like to go on a cleaning and organizing rampage through my house, which I will be doing, but I really, REALLY have to get after the Spring Wardrobe Refill ***first***.

So, stuff I am appreciative of lately….

– I am so glad that I found some really great sandals.  I’ve been living in these things. I work out in them, I walk in them.  Yahoo!  I’m glad I don’t have sore feet.

– I am glad I am doing Crossfit.  Because I’ve been working so hard in the gym, going to Legoland today I had plenty of energy and didn’t end up limping a few hours in.  That’s a big difference, and totally worth the work.

– I am glad that I found some pretty smell-good stuff that I can use, and a new store to play in at the mall.

– I found a new bra shop, with bras that fit and are reasonably comfortable.  (I haven’t been wearing corsets because the CF works my long ab muscles to the point where they swell, and corseting would be unpleasant).  I got two new ones – and they’re not even neon!  (While I appreciate the effort the larger size ranges put into pretty colors, we also need neutral colored bras – lately the fashion has been for ONLY bright colored bras, which makes me confused… do the designers live in heavy sweaters?  Anyway.  These are neutrals, so I’m happy.  They’re also pretty and give me a nice silhouette).

– I love my new turquoise and neutral wedges.  They’re lifted enough to make me look dressy, but really only a 1″ heel, so I can walk around and not get sore.  Oh, they’re not walking shoes, but they don’t kill me to go to the mall in (done) or hang out on a stroll on datenight.  This was something I badly needed in my wardrobe, and I’m very glad for it.

– I’m really grateful to have come across a great book to inspire me to clean out my stuff.  As soon as I finish doing some needed replacements, I’ll be tossing with great abandon.  (One downside to a whittled-down wardrobe. When it needs reviving because it’s starting to wear out, you can’t toss things until *after* you replace them.  Most people don’t have this problem, I do.)

Appreciating my work, even though it’s not perfect:

– I am so glad I made a blouse in seafoam and “found” that color.  It really is my best relaxing color.  I love the buttons I found for that blouse (I will harvest them when it goes away), the soft blue is beautiful, as is the light blue topstitching I used to finish the blouse.

– I am so glad that I made myself an ivory eyelet blouse.  This is a new wardrobe staple for me, even though white blouses have a limited shelf-life.  Its buttons will also see the recycle bin – I love the shell and how they add a note of beach to the girlyness of the eyelet.

– I love the details on the shirts that I made for DH.  No, the shirts didn’t fit as perfectly as they might have done, but they are lovely – and I’m glad I made them for him.   I was admiring the grey stitching on baby-blue linen.  How many other guys in his office are wearing clothes with that much love or care?

– I love the little dresses I designed for my daughter.  They suit her and she’s gotten so much wear out of them!  The pintucks on the pink lawn are particularly pretty.

– I love my LWD.  I wore it with dressy sandals, a belt, and an overshirt the other day, and I felt beautiful and not overdressed.  I am happy every time I wear those dresses.  All the work I put into fitting that pattern was worth it.  (I think I have found the ‘home’ for the blue eyelet that I bought not long ago).

– As much of a pain in the tail as fitting is, I am so glad that my skills have gotten to the point where I can make big changes quickly and fearlessly.  All the work I have put in over the years is starting to pay off, and that’s good.

(I am a little sad that my handmade clothes are wearing out – are they supposed to do that?  Don’t they know I want to keep them forever and ever?  Hm.)

So.   I need need NEED to spend serious hours in the sewing cave… but I need a lot of things and I just wanted to say “thanks” for some of the things I have, and take a moment to appreciate them.  Hope you enjoyed!


2 thoughts on “A little appreciation

  1. Jenny

    You sound happy, I’m glad you got some fun time with your family. Everyone needs to make sure and do that periodically.



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