This Year’s Spring Blouse… I hope

Last year I made four blouses in the same pattern, and I have worn those four blouses nearly every day since.  I love them, but I need a break from the pattern.  (The blouses themselves are simply wearing out).

I fell in love with the lines on the Sew Chic Ehlen blouse, and though I’ll be changing up the sleeve
cuff a bit (halving the width), I think this will be pretty on me.  It’s got a princess seamed top bodice, an empire waist to a peplum and a regular, darted back.

Sew Chic Ehlen Blouse – from the website

So I pulled it out of the package and pinned it on Betsy.  Huh.  According to the packaging materials, I’m at the top 006of the pattern size range.  That doesn’t appear to be true, based on these pins…

What’s a girl to do?

Well, I think I’ll hit the middle of the range, doing my usual FBA adjustment, and see what I see.  This is such an enormous overlap, it can’t be right.  (It’s also long in the back).  I see serious frankenstiening in my future, but one will hope that I am wrong!

Or maybe… look again, I need to do a lot of taking in to the back and few changes to the front outside the FBA.  After all, we do our pattern adjustments *where we need to* and I think the front bit is the right width.

ETA:  It’s amazing how much difference pinfitting things PROPERLY makes – I put the pieces where they belong and lo and behold, it will fit just like the Big Four patterns I normally use – which means I’ll cut a 14/16 and then do a FBA and back-shortening.  (I usually take 2″ out of the back length, hello 5’2″).  FBA on princess seams I fortunately now have a very good handle on.


3 thoughts on “This Year’s Spring Blouse… I hope

    1. hearthie Post author

      Thank you! I am hacking the pattern within an inch of its life right now… if it works out, I’ll make a few. The first one is slated to be made out of a seafoam green linen skirt that didn’t drape properly… so, um, seafoam green. 🙂 Ah yes, the changes I have made to this pattern!



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