Retail Therapy

Since I don’t shop RTW very often (my semi-annual tanktop acquisition and workout gear aside), I don’t go to the mall and shop until I drop.  Frankly that form of retail therapy is only *therapy* if you bring home an armload of clothing!

Nope.  I go to the fabric store.  😀


This week was pretty stressful, and that coincided with 10yo’s *finally* approving a pattern that I’d posted for her, DH’s need for new work gear, and my need for new clothes.  (14yo is fine and careth not for his clothing).  Oh, and a sale online.  -laughs-

Top to bottom, left to right… skirt or blouse for me (or I might do a mommy/daughter blouse), skirt for me, skirt for me, shirt for DH;  Shirts for 10yo.  (I’ve mentioned the bit where she’s grown out of everything she owns?  Yes?  Good).

Details on a couple of fabrics – the top left is a pretty eyelet voile – so nice.  Yes, must be lined, but oh well.


And here’s the up close verions of the navy and hot pink – you can see here the raised polka-dots.  I have a shirt in bright blue with this material, it’s got a great hand and a great drape.  005

And I must crow… I finally FINALLY found some cute shoes.  Because of my bad foot, shopping for shoes is pure misery and broken dreams.  However, Clarks carries comfy shoes that must run insanely wide, because my normally wide foot wore mediums in these…..


The aqua shoes are quite comfy (well, both are comfy considering heel height) and will go well with my feather dress.  Hooray for shoes!!!  (This brings me up to a total of three sets of “formal” shoes, all of which are sandal wedges… well, one does what one can, right?)


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