Too Bright Even for Me?

Is that possible?  Ah… I knew this fabric was mad when I got it.  And I still love it… I’m not sure I love it in a full dress.  But the dress fits well, and is comfortable (voile lined with batiste), and if it’s a bit mad?  Well, I can wear it to church and they’ll be able to find me.  🙂


I think I went too far into “fun and whimsy” and too far away from “bohemian feminine”.  I’ll need to accessorize UP for this girl… but whatever.  It’s comfy, I got my sew-jo back, and I have another dress to wear to church – one that’s a bit more modest than my turquoise and white LXDs.

I’m calling it a win.


13 thoughts on “Too Bright Even for Me?

  1. miusho

    If you feel good in it than why not. It’s an amazing dress. You can always break it down a little by wearing a vest over it in a plain single colour. Or you can go all out just like that. 😀


  2. Susan

    I ADORE it. I say – if it isn’t a large-scale print in bright colors, why are you even wearing it?

    I love the neckline detail/ruffle. Do you feel that you captured the feather aspect of the fabric that you were going for?


    1. hearthie Post author

      Thank you! Hm, I was hoping for more delicacy and more “feathers” .. but it’s good. It’s good. Y’all are helping it not live in the closet, btw… 😀 Thank you.


  3. Elspeth

    It’s fun and whimsical, and it fits you well. I like the idea of putting the denim jacket with it. I like that a lot.



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