Getting the Effect You Want: Single Layer Cutting

I finished fitting the next dress…. and today, I cut it.

I fell madly in love with this fabric on the bolt, where I saw lovely multicolored feathers.  When I unrolled it, I was dismayed to find that those feathers were ginormous flowers… so not my thing.  But because the flowers were so *very* big, I knew that if I found the right pattern and cut correctly, I could make what I saw first (feathers) be the effect that everyone ended up enjoying.  (This is 60″ wide cotton voile, fwiw).


So – here’s my last fitting muslin… (I will be putting a waist stay in – that empire line needs to stay where it belongs, not go wandering off on its own!)


And here’s a picture of one of my bodice pieces, very carefully cut on the single layer so that I could avoid the center of those flowers and get the feathers instead.  We’ll see how it looks when it gets sewn up…….. scissors ahoy!  😀  (Yes, everyone feel sorry for the patterns I butcher – poor things).


Fashion fabric cut, now to iron and cut my lining fabric.  Fortunately *that* is plain and will go quickly.


4 thoughts on “Getting the Effect You Want: Single Layer Cutting

    1. hearthie Post author

      Have everything cut but the skirt lining, and having sewn it (rough and ready) three times, I think it will come together quickly enough. 🙂


  1. Susan

    Personally, I love the ginormous flowers. I’m tall and full-size, so a large-scale print is my thing. I can’t wait to see what you do with it.



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