Before and After: Sewing Area Cleanup and Sort

There are neat  people, and there are messy people… I am a messy people.  🙂  But even messy people have to clean up occasionally, and having gotten a big lump of stuff out of my area, it was time to do some sorting.

When I got started, I found that my habit of going to estate sales and picking up a ziploc bag full of odd sewing notions has A) filled up my bias tape and rick-rack bin pretty thoroughly and B) really requires that I *sort out* my finds when I bring them home.  I had bags of “this and that” everywhere!

I also pulled the lace out of my ribbon basket and gave it its own bin… while removing (sadly) the lace that BFF’s MIL gave me – all fabric eventually degrades, and every time I used the lace, it would disintegrate within a few washes.  If it can’t be used, it can’t live in my work area.  I’m a little sad, some of it was *really* pretty.  Oh well.

The last thing I found was a *lot* of unfinished projects.  Some I knew about, as I was a cutting fool and cut extra projects to sew up later (I have a couple of aprons and a corset that fall under this category) and some are just mending or “change of direction”.  I’m usually not one to have a stash of UFOs… I’ll have to ameliorate that.  There will be a day of mending, soon.

But first, first we play.  I’ve earned a new dress, yes I have… and I can’t wait to get started!

Before, in all its horror


After, and yes, this is pretty much as good as open shelving gets:001


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