General Updates

I think I’m finally returning to some semblance of normal energy, after my first month of heavy exercise.  (maybe!)  It’s worth the transition time… some days I have more energy than I used to.

At any rate, I am *almost* finished with my very long running Tabernacle project.  The lady who runs it liked my mock-up for the poofy priest’s hat and so I can sew that up and be done.  What’s next?

Well, first I really need to clean up my sewing area.  I’ve been going through this and that and pawing through the piles and it’s a bit scary.  Second (a short second) I am going to make myself a pretty dress… yes, even though my body is changing and it will need refitting.  *I* need a new dress!  I’ve had the pattern and fabric for a while, really looking forward to something fun.

Then I think I’ll take a whack at my UFOs – I don’t usually allow myself to have a stack of unfinished projects (other than the Tab project obviously, lol) and I’d like to get a couple of them done and wearable.  I need some clothes!

And then, perhaps by then… my daughter will have acquired some opinions about CHILDREN’S clothing and I’ll be sewing for her.

Onward!  🙂

PS I’ll take before and after pix of my mess just for fun and blog content.  I’m sorry for abandoning y’all.  It’s been crazy.


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