Priest Hats: Two Regular Priests

Our church is (very slowly!) doing a re-creation of the Tabernacle … I volunteered (eons ago) to do the white-linen portion of the priests’ garb.  (This has actually been a fair bit of sewing – each priest gets a long tunic (ankle-length), short pants (breeches), a sash (which were heavily embroidered to simulate the colored weaving that I don’t have the ability to do), and a hat.  The high priest also gets a over-robe of wool with pomegranates and bells and the breastplate and apron.  (And a metal thing to go over the band of his hat).  (I’m just doing the white linen!  My mom did the blue over robe, and I don’t know who is doing the metalwork – not me!)

The decision was made to have two acolyte priests and one high priest (although we only have one mannequin).  I’ve done everything except the hats… you know, there’s not a lot in “priest hat” patterns out there?  :p  So… well, inventing.  (With lots of research, of course).

Here are the acolyte hats – I’m taking my mockup of the high priest’s hat in for approval.   My boss at church said she wanted neck covers, so neck covers she gets.  I used gold metallic embroidery thread for the decoration.



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