Why I’m so psyched about Crossfit

It’s not that it’s the latest craze.  It’s not that I get to get ridiculously sweaty.  I will admit that lifting heavy things is fun, and so is not knowing what the workout is when I walk through the door.  But why am I so psyched?

Well… because all the articles about exercise in the world promise you that if you’ll start working out, you’ll start to have more energy.  And that, until now, has been a lie.  I’ve *spent* energy working out, and then spent time hurting afterwards … but no reward.  And eventually you don’t have *time* to spend all that energy and not have some left for daily life and so you stop working out as much and then less, and less.

This time – suddenly I have more energy.  Lots more energy.  Yeah, I still hurt (hurt more, especially the first couple of weeks) and I still need an after-workout nap – but once I’m up, I’m really up.  Not halfway there, I have all kinds of energy and sometimes I just can’t sit still.  It’s like I’ve taken 10 years off.

Speaking of “years off” – because of the increased blood flow, my complexion is starting to improve.  The curse of high color – you can tell every little thing about my health and mood and even what time of month it is, just by looking at my face.  Well, pumping blood through my skin on the regular is evening that out.  Already.  Buhbye, blotchies.

It’s fun.  I get to use my body, and I’ve wanted to, and didn’t know how to properly, and everyone says, “start out with walking” only the last time I took a long walk my foot swelled up so much that blood vessels broke and I had bruising the day after.  So… walking doesn’t work so well.  (I hope it will again, I like hiking and miss it).

Basically… I’m saying yeah, I’m going to babble about CF like everyone else who gets into it.  And I hope you don’t mind, because I’ve tried a lot of stuff over the years, and this is changing my life.  I don’t think it’s the only way to health, no sirree bob.  I do think I finally found MY way, and oh I’m so happy.  SO very happy.


3 thoughts on “Why I’m so psyched about Crossfit

  1. Elspeth

    I am so very happy for you that you found this Hearth. You have, like, no idea. And I believe that when you find your *thing* you do start to see all kinds of benefits that have little to do with losing pounds, although that’s a good thing. And that you can work hard at this with your foot? Double bonus!

    I was just thinking the same thing about running. I remember when Jo started and she said her “cottage cheese was melting off like butter.” Now mind you, when I started, I just wanted to 1) be able to do it and 2) lose these stubborn 20 or so pounds that hang onto to my 40+ butt like nobody’s business. I had no illusions of less cellulite because um…I’m 43.

    But today after walk (I only run 4 days a week, do weight training and walk the other three), I could have sworn the skin on my hips/thighs looked just a little bit smoother. However, I have been known to misinterpret so I asked the one whom I trust and who will say unequivocally to me that I am delusional if I am being delusional. And whaddya know? Ho-lee-cow. So you know I just want to run more.

    And ditto on the skin thing,although I think you had lovely skin anyway.


    1. hearthie Post author

      Yay you! I’m glad you’ve found something that works and makes you happy… I can’t imagine working out properly 7 days/wk. Color me impressed.

      I haven’t lost an ounce. Opposite, in fact – and my skirts are tight because those situps from week two, was it? Put on some muscle at my waist. But my mom told me last night that my belly is flatter (yeehaw!) and DH is -ahem- very pleased with the results of all those squats behind. Noticeable changes w/in one month? Heckyeah. The scale will cooperate when it feels like it, I suppose.


  2. Elspeth

    I can’t imagine working out properly 7 days/wk. Color me impressed.

    The non-running days are considerably less strenuous than the running days. If I were doing Crossfit, no way I could work out every day.

    I run M-W-F and Saturday. Doing weights (kettlebells) Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. The whole workout is over in 30 minutes first thing in the AM. And when I have a block of time available, I take a walk on the weights days as well. Not a strenuous walk, just something to avoid sitting, you know?

    All that to say it sounds a lot harder than it is, and it helps tremendously that I do the hardest of it all at 6AM. Done and out of the way early.



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