Book Stuff: On being overwhelmed

So, I’m trying to take some of what I’ve written over the years and write a ton of new stuff and make a book about style.  Which is a good plan, I have my own take – and it’s definitely not the take of a fashion maven – but egads – there’s sooooo much I want to say and do and sometimes I end up just sitting here on my thumbs.

How much of the stuff from do I re-write?  Do I need to tell you what you could learn from picking up the Vogue Sewing Book?

And pictures – I need pictures.  But I make a terrible model, and I don’t really have anyone to drag around and style and snap photos of.  I was thinking for the last article about accessories, I really needed someone to dress up and change around.  But – I don’t have anyone!  So I’ll need a model. Or two or three or five.

Lots to think about.  In the meantime, writing stuff even if I’m writing it to be madly edited later, that’s a good thing.


2 thoughts on “Book Stuff: On being overwhelmed

  1. Susan

    I’m a technical writer. ALL writing gets rewritten. I’d concentrate on doing a brain dump first. There will plenty of time to polish the text later.



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