Accessories and Details

Accessories and details are what make your outfits your own.  The foundation of a good look is fit and color – but that is your *foundation*.  When you start adding design details, patterns, and accessories, you make that foundation into something wonderful.

What fits us and what colors look good on us are pretty well set in stone.  I adore a flowing lace kaftan – but at 5’2″ and with a stocky frame, I look heavily pregnant if I even think about breaking it out.  I can, however, capture the mood of the flowing lace kaftan by wearing a lace scarf in my long hair and a flowing skirt to catch the breeze.  Accessories – they take my basic clothes and make them into something else.

This is the reason that every fashion article from the dawn of time tells you to get an LBD (little black dress).  A fitted black dress is, admittedly, the ultimate in blank canvases… assuming you can wear black and look good in fitted dresses.  Your blank canvas might be something completely different.  How about the basic jeans and tshirt?  Assuming your tshirt and jeans fit you, have a decent neckline, and are good colors for you…. well, think about what you can do with them.

Add a blazer – suddenly you’re preppy and ready for the mall.   Add a pair of cowboy boots and a big belt, and oh-so-country.  Drop a crocheted vest over the top and stack bracelets halfway up your arms, bohemian.

You get the idea.

If you want to have a flexible wardrobe, you’re going to have to buy a lot of “boring” clothes at first.   The basic pair of jeans.  The basic skirt.  The white shirt/dark skirt combo.  And if you’re a classic person, you’re like, “fantastic!  I’ll add my expensive watch and a drop necklace and go!” and if you’re not a classic person, you’re about to beat your head into the wall at the lack of interest.  But this is where you *start*.  Interesting brooch?  Collect some interesting jackets and blazers.  Scarves.  Earrings.  Bracelets.  Necklaces – statement and other.  Shoes.  Tights/stockings.  And all of that stuff is much less expensive than good quality clothing and can be stashed and used for decades.

So – don’t hate on your boring clothes when they’re working for you.  If the lines are good, if the fit is right, if the color makes you smile and your skin glow… then let them do their work holding up the interesting parts that you really love.


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