Getting More Exercise, Finding More Balance

I started doing crossfit last week on something of a whim.

And since I started working my tail off, I’ve noticed some side-effects worth mentioning.

  • I am less likely to equivocate and fuss around.
  • I am less likely to procrastinate with chores – my body has been fully worked, thank you – I don’t need to sweep the floor to get moving.  If I’m sweeping it, it needs sweeping.
  • Because of the former, I am more likely to spend time writing and focus – I’m not fidgety
  • I’m tired and want more sleep but am more alert when I’m up
  • I’m braver and emotionally less squashable

This is exactly what I was looking for, but didn’t know I was looking for.  My husband tells me that I need to spend less time futzing around and more time doing whatever it is I’m supposed to be doing.  (By this he means that I shouldn’t spend two hours making dinner every night and he doesn’t want me to take up ironing the sheets.  He doesn’t think I’m a lazybum, which always makes me blink, especially when I compare the amount of work the two of us accomplish.)

So this is good.  I have had (thanks guys!) the door opened to do a lot more writing and thinking about developing the style book and style consults, and before I was having a hard time settling down to write.  This week I’ve put out probably about 10 pages of type in Word… so it’s a good thing.  And I’ve done lots of good thinking that hasn’t made it out of my fingers yet.   That will probably happen later tonight… another good thing that’s going on is that I am chunking my worktime along far more efficiently.  So, next I’m going to throw the dinnermeat in the oven, clean the kitchen up, and do the rest of dinner prep – and then I’ll be back at my computer to plan next week and get some of these words on paper.

Unexpected gifts, totally the best kind.  🙂  I didn’t know that exercise would make me feel like this – the other exercise I’ve done just makes me tired and sore (I am both of those TOO, mind you).  So, hey.  It’s a good thing.  And I want to share the good things that God brings into my life.


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