Pattern Review: McCalls 4320: Flannel Pajamas

Pajamas aren’t the most fitted garments in the world, so when I decided what size pattern to make for my 14yo son, I just went with his chest and waist measurements.  I could have fitted the pattern to him – but he doesn’t want to mess with that and neither do I.  What I wanted, what he needed, were some comfortable pajamas that fit his newly longer torso.  I scored some *sweet* flannel from fabricmart on sale.


The short of it:  They’re fine.  This pattern is fine.  But “fine” is as far as it goes.

When you try to be too many things to too many people, you’re bound to fall short.

1) The pattern has everything in it that you’d want for a full set of pajamas – it has short pajamas, long pajamas, slippers and a robe.  In one pattern!  And all the bits are fine – the pajamas fit together well, they’re drafted well.   But it’s just too much stuff.  The instructions for all of that, in both English and Spanish, only run two pages of newsprint.  So it’s good that I know how to sew… the instructions are pretty scanty, especially on detailed things.

2) This pattern is unisex.  Now, if you read the fine print, you’ll see that they mean “women and teenage boys” but if you look at the front of the pattern cover, you’ll see a grown man.  Well, an XL for a woman isn’t an XL for a teenage boy – and I’m not just talking girth.  As a matter of fact, when I made the size suited for my son’s (allegedly) XL measurements, he has a HUGE amount of extra room… widthwise.  Very little extra room *lengthwise*.  So, if you’re more than 5’7″ (which is fairly short for a man), you’re going to need to lengthen this pattern.  And that, quite frankly, means that XL is ***not*** XL in men’s sizes.  Unisex – not a good idea.  (I have a unisex shirt pattern which is likewise flawed).

002I wanted a simple pattern, that’s what this is.  But going forward, I’ll be looking for patterns sized for MEN – or I’ll do my own/plan on a lot of changes.  The proportions are just too dissimilar.

Other notes:  I didn’t fuss about matching plaids, mostly ’cause I was bad and cut this in a rush.  Jammies, no one cares.  I did, however, put in flat felled seams and do some slight detailing around the collar and cuffs, because he *does* care that it lies flat and is comfortable.   (Just an extra line of stitching – but it helps hold the facing down at the collar, and I carried it forward around the hems).


2 thoughts on “Pattern Review: McCalls 4320: Flannel Pajamas

    1. hearthie Post author

      I do! The only things I’ve gotten there I haven’t liked were “toogoodtobetrue” cottons. Everything else has been great. And the flannel? Yum.



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