Just a Status Quo Blog Post

This one is for my regular readers.  Those of you here for the fashion or sewing can skip this one – yes, I sewed up a pair of pajamas.  But they are currently on a boy, under a blanket, and I don’t think he’s ready for his closeup, Mr. DeMille.

Life has been insanely busy this last couple of weeks.  In a good way, though.  So, those of you following the blogs know that my BFF has breast cancer.  She finished up her chemotherapy and Praise The Lord – she is now cancer free!!!  At least on imaging.  🙂  This means, although her cancer was quite large (11cm in one direction), she doesn’t have to have a full mastectomy.  She’s now going to have the lumpectomy, to get the bit that used to be cancer out, and get the lymph nodes that are still a bit grumpy too.  God willing, they won’t find anything in the post-surgery biopsy either… which means half as much recovery time.

Mind you, we’re still talking major surgery and drains, etc.   Plus radiation when she’s healed.  But … this is great.   We’re all near woozy with the relief and gratitude.   Well.  Sorta.  She’s frantically getting her house ready, because her parents are coming out for her surgery.  Her mom will stay afterwards to chase around her 3yo – she’ll be on lift restrictions for about a month after.

So that’s that – and that’s enough, don’t you think?  But not.

I’ve been praying about the weight loss thing for a long time, and it’s stepped up over the past few months.  It’s terribly frustrating for me, because of my bad foot, I can’t do standard cardio.  Even a couple-mile walk gives me a foot so swollen that my capillaries burst and it looks like I’ve got a bruise.  (Feels like it, too).   The kiddos need running too – which is difficult, when Dad is at work and Mom can’t.

Driving nearby my home, I saw that there was a crossfit gym opening up.  I checked it out, to see if they worked with teens.  Not only do they allow them – they have a special class just *for* teenagers!  Hooray!  My 14yo hates sports, and refuses to try martial arts.  Well, if you’re under 18, that’s really all the school-year exercise our city has to offer.  (You can swim during the summer, but unless you’re good enough for swim team, it’s not offered the rest of the year).  Took him down there, got him signed up… he loves it.

While I was there, I asked if they could adjust the workout for someone who couldn’t do the jumping and running – not only could they, they already have someone as injured as I am in their regular morning classes!  So I started the introductory class… and I like it too.  I got a very solid cardio workout and enough weight bearing that the day after saw me unable to sit down without holding on to something.

With all of that, I am insanely pleased to say that the response here at HRG is going so well that I’m working on an E book… I think that’s where life is taking me, which is an unexpected grace note.  My husband has started telling me over the past couple of months that I work too hard for too little reward, and he’d like me to have the kids do more and me do less – so that I can do whatever it is I’m supposed to *be* doing.

I feel like I’m starting some serious changes, which I’m ready for… and it’s a great time.  It’s a “my muscles hurt, I’m stressed out, don’t know where I’m going or what I should be doing” time… but that’s okay.   God’s got this, and in a few years, I’ll be somewhere else.  All I have to do is keep going in the direction that He points me!  I am terrified, I like change but I like to know where I’m going so I can micromanage everything.  I have NO CLUE where I’m going, I just do the next thing.  Faith-growing, but intense.

So, that’s what’s up with me.  Maybe I’ll take a picture of one of the sets of jammies when I sew ’em up.  They’re a quick sew and I won’t be recommending the pattern.  I mean, they’re fine – jammies is jammies.  But … well.  That’s for another day.

Manana, folks!


2 thoughts on “Just a Status Quo Blog Post

  1. fiberaddict

    A book?! OOOOH, sign me up! I’ll put some $$ back so that when it’s ready, I can get it. (I love books. Even if I’m not ready for it, knowledge is Always useful. And ebooks mean my shelves don’t collapse.)

    I hear you on the weightloss. I am finally down 7 pounds…..since Thanksgiving. Not bad, but……should be better. It just won’t budge. I know it’s partly age, but……:sigh:


    1. hearthie Post author

      I have seven or eight pages in word on the color section and another dozen pages on style. That’s a lot of words… more to write, of course. Lots more to write. Snippet now!



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