Wardrobing: 14yo needs Pajamas

This is a quick one… I just wanted to talk about the specifics of how I save money when I sew.

I bought http://www.fabricmartfabrics.com/Cherry-Red-Navy-Multi-Yarn-Dyed-Cotton-Plaid-Flannel-57W.html when it was on sale for $5/yard.  I bought three yards.  That’s $15.  The notions to make a pair of tshirt/short pajamas basically = a packet of elastic.  That’s about $3, maybe less.  So, I’ll get a tshirt/short pajama set for less than $20.

The flannel I get online has been awesome.  This washed up beautifully – it’s lightweight and soft, not pilly at all.  Great clear colors.  The other jammies I’ve made him have lasted for years – I’m making him more because he’s grown – he still wears the old ones.  So I figure these jammies will last until he’s 16-17… or until he changes size radically (jams not being very fitted garments).

Pajamas, even with a tshirt, tend not to be particularly challenging to sew… I’ll blog the sewing when I get there.

So – what I’m saying?  Because I watch the sales and know where to get quality, I’ll get my boy some lovely pajamas and not spend more than $20/pair.   And they’ll be good quality – think LL Bean, not Target.

It’s a good thing.  🙂


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