Wardrobing: 10 Year Old Daughter

I have to laugh at myself… because obviously, if my daughter grew 4″ last year, she needs a whole new wardrobe.  I don’t know why this didn’t occur to me past “oh, better get her a dress or two”.  Anyhow, having gotten tired of the “go put something on that FITS!” conversation I’ve been having far too often of late, I went into her room just now while she’s out, and I cleaned out (and reorganized) her chest of drawers. *  A trash bag full of clothes to the trash (children = stains) and a box for the thrift shop later…. there’s not much in there.

Oh dear.  I guess I should get sewing.  Yeah, I have sewing for myself to do, but … wow.  Job one.  (Okay, job two, I’m going to whip up some jammies for my 14yo son, who likewise grew a great deal this year.  Mostly I buy his clothing, but I can make much nicer jammies for him than I can buy, plus he likes to get SOMETHING made from my hands.  And the three lengths of flannel I bought are taking up a lot of room in the chest).

What should I make her?  I think I’m going to shove her back into those shorts and see if she can get them on without unzipping them.  If she can, I’ll change the waistband to an elastic waist (preferred by elementary schoolers everywhere) and make her about five pair.  She’ll need some blouses to go with – I was thinking a nice midi-blouse.  Have to draft that, she’s a weird size.  Add an Easter Frock and I think we’re GTG.  For now.  I keep having to remind myself, it’s all FOR NOW with her… six months out, I’ll be sewing (and tossing) again.  :p    (This is also why I don’t spend a lot of time on fiddly details when I sew for her – she’s just growing too fast).  Probably I should look into some tiered summer dresses for the summer months. Some extra tshirts wouldn’t go amiss.

So, since I’m talking about wardrobing – that would leave her with four day-dresses from last year to knock about the house in, four dresses that are suitable for school or church, a sufficiency of nightgowns, a few tshirts, and five outfits that would suit school, church, grandma’s house or … anything really.

Somehow my coping mechanism for growing children seems to involve buying socks and underwear… she’s got an ocean of those.  😛

Well, this is doable.  Now to find some fabrics that all go together and get crazy.   Oh, and draft a blouse.  😉

*Laundry day is the most excellent day to do a really good wardrobe re-organization.  Obviously, you’ll remember what you’ve been wearing this week and if it suits or not.  Whereas, what you find stuck in the back of a drawer already has one strike against it.


One thought on “Wardrobing: 10 Year Old Daughter

  1. superslaviswife

    There’s a great trick to organizing wardrobes over time: Hang everything the wrong way round. When you return it after washing, hang it right. Get rid of or remodel anything still the wrong way round a few months later.

    Also, I remember a relative’s trick for older kids’ jammies: buy (or make) them a size or two too big and attach a clasp and some clip buttons on the sleeves and legs, so you can roll them up and hold them in place until the next growth spurt! Then you just roll them down and move onto the next button until you run out of arm/leg to unroll.

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