One pair down

Modeled shots tomorrow, perhaps.  For now, I give you my daughter’s Wearing History Rita Shorts…


Once I got these muslined (yday), they went right together.  This is an *easy* pair of shorts to make, not much in the way of fitting woes with some thing that essentially fits like a skirt.  The waistband went on a bit oddly, but eh.  It works.  I’ll be making more.

I made a few changes to the pattern for myself, 3″ longer for a start.  🙂  It only took about three hours to sew these up, including cutting and making the pattern changes/tracing off a new pattern for my shorts.   So – a little break, move about a bit, then get a start on my own pair!

My daughter makes me blink at her – she said, “So why did you make us shorts, Mom?”  Uh, because neither of us have shorts that fit?  -sigh-  10.  She’s 10.  Three years from now she’s going to be complaining about not getting enough clothes, I know.


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