Analysis #9: Cranberry

Cranberry BlogAnalysis:  Cranberry

Style:  You are classic, sporty and romantic – in that order.   This means that you wear balanced patterns, traditional color-combinations, and prefer a minimum of accessories.

The apples of your cheeks and your chin are rounded – this means that you look better in slightly rounded patterns.   Pattern size will be medium to small-to-medium.  (1-2.5” patterns are best, excepting polka dots, which should be 1/4″ – ½”)

Your face is a long oval.  You have slender shoulders and a slender bust, as well as a long neck.  Good necklines for you would include:  Shawl collars, chelsea collars, the basic shirt collar, jewel and bateau necklines.

Your shoulder is square, so you’ll be better off with a set-in sleeve than a kimono sleeve.    A classic chanel-style jacket will work well for you, as will a shawl-collared blazer.

You are pear shaped, and carrying your extra weight below the waist.  Fit & flare dresses are your friends.  A-line dresses in soft fabrics will be better than gathered skirts.  When you trim down a trifle, pencil skirts will be your bosom buddies.   A pleated skirt would be most excellent on you now, when you trim down, bias cut.

Wear fitted garments above the waist – you are not out of balance, and don’t need to add volume.  I think you would find cowls and such rather fussy, unless they were in a dressy fabric such as silk.

Textures:  Plain is best on you.  That doesn’t keep you from reaching for silk, but it does mean that you’re better off in something with a soft sheen rather than super shiny.  Cashmere > Angora – and I bet you look amazing in a good quality wool.  Denim’s great, but stick with the classics, and no artificial fading, please.  You don’t want heathered fabrics, that will read too messy and out of control.

Your basic palette is the summer palette, and there are few colors there you will not find yourself at home in.

Your version of black, and your most formal color:  Black-navy.

Your power colors – the colors to wear when you want to knock ‘em dead:   Bright pure navy blue; true blue.

Colors to wear when you want to relax:  Soft grey, grey-green, grey-blue, pastels in general.

The color of passion:   Deep pink, all the way to wine.

Your version of white:  Oyster

Your neutrals:  Taupe and grey and greyed brown.

Your metals:  Silver and pewter and white gold.  DO wear cool-toned pearls.

Your leathers:  Cold browns.

You are moving into a stronger time in your life, when you are challenging yourself to live more fully.  Your best colors are blues and greys and purples, with the brighter pinks.   I would recommend colors of at least medium intensity, unless you are pairing the lighter color with a more saturated color for a high-contrast outfit.  (In other words, wear a bright blue dress or wear a powder pink shirt with a navy skirt.  Don’t wear a powder-pink dress, it will be too bland).

No pure white.  No pure black.  Imagine me snapping you over the knuckles with a ruler every time you think of going there.  Your browns are *very cold*.  Don’t wear yellow, don’t even wave at orange from across the room.   Red will be problematic, I’d skip it for now – wear wine instead.   Shades of coldest green are good.  You want to keep them saturated rather than bright – pine rather than emerald, for example.  Grey is an excellent color for you, keep it cold.  Greyed blues are likewise good.  purple, lots of cold purple – never, never, never warm.

Navy goes with everything – except navy (it’s a dye-lot thing).  It is particularly classic paired with raspberry, wine, and cold brown – all of which you can wear.    Your version of “black and white” is navy + oyster white.


3 thoughts on “Analysis #9: Cranberry

  1. Cranberry

    Oh, Hearth, this is wonderful! You’ve really nailed it, again. My favorite colors and styles. When I was younger, even in HS, I’d usually shop high-end stores for “classics” like trousers and dresses I’d need for formal occasions, even though my HS style was “whatever is clean today.”

    I feel so, so comfortable in these clothes and I feel more secure now knowing what colors I can choose and that I won’t look like an old maid because I wear “basics.”

    If you have time or if you ever come across any examples of more jackets or dresses that are appropriate for me, would you pin them, pretty please? I haven’t been able to check my pinboard in a few days but I’ll do that pronto.

    Thanks again, this is lovely!


      1. Cranberry

        I;ll install the app on my new phone stat. I’ve had the phone a few days but no Pinterest on it yet. Next time I get to go clothing shopping, I’ll be sure to have it.

        I also need to find new stores. Kohls? Please. Target? So depressing, much trendy. Old Navy? Too teeny-bop 80s rocker fads and low quality, despite a few hits. Save my pennies and get 4-5 nice pieces from Ralph Lauren, Ann Taylor, and Calvin Klein. Despite the heroin-chic period of the 90s fashion grunge exile, I’ve always liked Klein’s clean lines, classic coloring, and ability to blend a trend into such boundaries as might be approved by Coco Chanel herself.


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