Fabric Acquisition: When You Have Your Palette, You Have a Wardrobe

One of the best reasons to stick with a palette of colors that is slightly more limited than “every single color that looks marginally okay on me” is that your colors all go together – or at least 90% of them do.  (Usually it’s texture that makes things not match, when your colors are on).

Do you guys remember me waxing poetic about the fabric I fell in love with a couple of weeks ago?  https://hearthroses.wordpress.com/2015/01/18/fabric-lust/ if you don’t.  I couldn’t leave it alone at the store any longer, I had to run and rescue it.  And now I have proper pictures for you.

003 005

Here are the pictures I took outside.  Unusually, both pictures are true to color.  Because of the metallic threads, when you get more sunshine (or flash) you see 006the gold (and the overall color becomes more green) and when you get out of the sun, the overall color becomes more turquoise.

How much did I need this?  Oh, I dunno.  The eyes have it, I think…. (well, really I think a dressy jacket for a 42yo woman is a wardrobe staple, and fabric that matches my eyes this well is not something I should leave in the store).

011 One of my friends, when I was trying to describe this fabric, asked me, “But what would it go with?”  The answer to that question is, “Pretty much anything I would take it into my head to wear with it”.  Here are the main colors in my wardrobe at the moment, including both of my pretty dresses: Navy, coral, turquoise, ivory, geranium, aqua..  it looks great with all of them.  It’d look good with denim too.  Really – this is going to look good on anything that doesn’t have a massively competing print.  (I have a giant floral/feather print in my stash that it wouldn’t work with, but I’m willing to give it a night off once in a while.)

And this is how we wardrobe – you put your wardrobe together so that you can dress things up or dress things down, make new outfits, and never worry about, “Ugh, those colors just don’t work”.

They’d better work – or they’re outta here.


4 thoughts on “Fabric Acquisition: When You Have Your Palette, You Have a Wardrobe

  1. superslaviswife

    I had been wondering how on earth to thin out my wardrobe and this has given me the perfect solution: keep my colour themes going and hold back a couple of flashy evening dresses and then donate the rest. Perfect! 😀



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