Analysis #8: PG


Analysis:  PG – a shy woodland rose, just coming to bloom.

You are the picture of young femininity.  Your features and coloring are soft and sweet.  You threw me for quite the loop… I thought for certain you were a Spring, with the delicate clear coloring you have going.  But all the colors from the Spring palette were much too bright on you.  When I started putting the most delicate, lightest colors from the Autumn palette, I saw you come out of the woodwork – rather literally, since some of your best colors are wood colors!  Your watchwords are soft and warm.

Your best colors are medium in tone – medium soft blue, medium soft green, medium soft blue-green, medium warm brown, medium warm purple.    You’re advised to pick up the contrast a tiny bit with blouses or sweaters or scarves in darker or lighter shades, say perhaps the bone/ivory that is your white.    There is no reason whatsoever that a young lady like yourself shouldn’t indulge herself in prints and lots of color – I suggest florals and prints inspired by nature, irregular polka dots, and other slightly random but soft-edged prints.  Don’t try to be too structured – you are *not* a classic type.   Romantic, slightly mischievous… yes.  Classic?  No.  (This may change – but for now, skip regular prints and spare lines.  Hey – you get to have fun with your clothes!)

Your white:  Bone, ivory, off-white to a slight brown color.  (You can continue this color right on through oak and cedar shades, pretty much anything on this color line is going to flatter you).

Your black:  Milk chocolate or forest green, charcoal grey when you’re a bit older, it will be too strong for you for the next five years at least, perhaps ten.

Your green:  Anything soft and warm!  Don’t try to wear anything too bright (no Kelly, no emerald, no seafoam) and you’re in like Flynn.

Your blue:  Not much blue… you can wear denim blue, preferably dark-wash.  You also can rock a muted French blue, as you see above.   However, you look simply divine in soft teal.

Your purples and pinks:   Mauve is a decent color on you – that and the reddish pinkish tones of the inside of a fig are about the only “pinks” that autumns can wear.  However you look wonderful in warm purples – check out the dusty orchid!  You can take the purples darker, but watch your intensity – high saturation colors as well as very bright colors aren’t going to work as well for you as the softer shades, however dark or light they might be.

Your reds and oranges:  You look very well in a warm orange-red, but red is going to be problematic.   Better are soft, muted, dusty oranges.  When you hit the right colors on these, they’ll be very, very right – but examine them skeptically, in good light, before snagging them up and bringing them home with you.

Your yellows and browns:  Soft, muted yellow is going to work for you – wear it now, while your complexion is young enough (and bright enough) to enjoy it.  Brown is an excellent color on you, go nuts!    Just don’t get too dark.  Anything past milk-chocolate is probably going to be a bit much.  (This will probably change a bit as you age – in ten years, you’ll wear a slightly more vivid version of these colors, and your yellow will be relegated to bottoms and prints).

Your figure:  You have a soft hourglass figure, so there’s little you can’t wear.  Don’t try to go to extremes – you aren’t going to look good in angular anything.    Girly and sweet is where it’s at – I think modcloth and shabby apple will be good places for you to start looking (at least for inspiration).    Somewhat fitted but not tight – you’re not so tall nor long of limb that voluminous clothing is going to be your friend, and you don’t have anything to hide.   “Fit and flare” is going to hit on target.

Your smile:  You look like a gal who likes to have fun and laugh.  Make sure that your clothes reflect that fun part of your nature… it’s the best part of you!


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