Analysis #7: Alte


You are the ice princess – you wear cold colors, intense colors, and they’re at their best when they’re covered with a dash of coal dust.    Classic winter – with softened edges.  It’s those soft edges, soft textures that suit you, that make you think you should wear softer colors.

White.  Black.  Crimson.  Coal.  Ice Yellow.  Amethyst.  Emerald.  Grey.  Silver.  Navy – especially “black navy”.    Wear your colors, you know them.  When you’re tempted by pastels, skip the pastel and pair your white with a thin line of color.  Or wear grey + a color.  Ice colors if you can find them – well, they’re most easily found in chiffon and lace, both of which suit you well.    When you’re tempted by muted colors, remember that your brights look even better on you when you filter them through smoked glass – the crimson of a rose petal is terrific.  The crimson fading to black at the base of the petals?  Even better.   The most unexpected color that I found for you was imperial purple.  I would love to see you play up the delicacy of your features by wearing very vivid colors in delicate embroideries and details, rather than in blocks of color.

Your watchword is soft.  Your challenge is “go for broke”.   You don’t look like everyone else, don’t try to wear everyone else’s clothing.  You are stunning, so stun ‘em.

Your base colors, your “neutrals” are black (expected) and dark pine green.   Wear the contrast of your eyes – crimson is amazing on you, but true electric pink and purples (cold, dark) are more “your” colors.  You can always play the expected card and play it well – but there’s no reason you can’t throw the world a curveball.   My challenge to you is to start dressing your looks up instead of down.  Instead of trying to fit in, stand out.   Shade your brights behind black lace or wear them in dirndl vests rather than as turtlenecks.  You want a fancy traddy outfit?  Get the black chiffon apron for your dress.  Or a black chiffon dirndl blouse.  Why do you not have a sheer black blouse?

Make the most of your exotic features.  Yes, you have incredible eyes – they’re an unusual color, they’re an unusual shape.  No one is going to miss them, make them count.  Wear the greens that match them, throw a bit of ice yellow around to pick up their highlights, and incorporate more imperial purple to contrast with them.

You don’t need or want a lot of color going on at once.  Pick one or two colors per outfit and make them your mark – base everything else off of black and purest white.   When you get too much color going, you look hectic.  Less is definitely more.   But just for color!  For style now… you’re extremely romantic.   Why not wear more traditional clothing?  This is what you look best in – clothing designed so that a woman’s shape comes into the fore.  You need the pretty details, the embroidery, the way the fine fabrics hug your skin.  Wear details. Always wear details.  You want to bring out “delicate” and “feminine”.

Knits, unless they’re substantial sweaters, are just too sporty to suit you.  In fact, avoid sporty clothing like the plague.  Every piece of your clothing should scream “feminine”.   I know you have to dress for your man – investigate other things he might like.   Maybe he’d love to see you in skin-tight fitted clothing that isn’t made of cotton knit?   Why do you not have a fitted lace blouse?     Stretch lace?  Why do you not own a white stretch lace blouse?

You already know what looks good on you – fitted clothing, fitted properly.  As you continue your journey to learn how to sew, you’ll find that your clothing looks better and better.    Making your own is the best thing you could do for your looks, it will afford you the opportunity to wear higher quality clothing that fits properly.  But don’t try to dress too classically.  You’ll look like you’ve raided Mommy’s Closet.   Remember your height and bone structure, and keep your proportions in check.  Wear round and rounded necklines, angles aren’t as friendly.  Rounded prints – polka dots, florals.  Diagonals, ruffles, lace.  Skip the geometric prints, skip the hard edged stuff.

You?  Pretty.  Wear pretty.  Wear delicate.  Wear romance.   Stay away from muted, stay away from androgynous, stay away from sporty.

And knock ‘em dead.  J


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