Analysis #6: Victim A


Victim A:  A blossom on the great prairie….

You have amazing eyes!  They’re the color of the sea.   You have amazing skin  – like milk!

Your season:  Spring.  Your contrast level:  Medium.  Your key prescription:  Brighten and contrast!

The work that colors will be doing for you is to bring you into greater focus so that your personal goals can be more easily realized.   When we want people to pay more attention to us, we up the brightness of our clothing, and increase our contrast level.   Colors have emotional connotations as well as simply being good or bad for our complexions.

Your assignment is to make sure that your contrast levels and color saturation levels are more intense.  I am going to encourage you to pick accessories that call attention to you, particularly to your face.  You want to pop.

Your colors:

Pink:  Go crazy – warm pink, from blush to a medium coral – is great on you.  You can also wear some very pink peaches.  Skip the red for the nonce, except perhaps in a print.

Blues:  Warm soft blues, medium toned denim would be great on you.  Cornflower blue is good, as is the sky on a hot, dry, summer’s day.

Greens:  Ach, your eyes.  They’re GORGEOUS.  Play these up by wearing lots and lots of soft greenish blues.   There’s a stack of sweaters in one of your pictures.  Excepting the yellowish one, you could own that stack of sweaters and pick one for each day.   Wear darker, greener tones for more formal events, wear lighter, bluer tones for more casual times.   But wear this color!

Yellows:  You are the first Caucasian woman I’ve recommended any yellow to!  But I would love to see you put some warm, buttercup yellow into your skirts.  Oh, like the rest of us after age 15 or so, it’s not great for around your face.  But it’s such a high-energy color, and looks so well with your other colors, you need to invite it to the party.   Bring the happy!

Purples:   Warm periwinkle is certainly your color – and you can wear various saturation levels of this purple-blue.

White:  Ivory.  Your skin is like milk. Go ahead and wear light ivory as heavily as you like.  The crisp interaction of an off white with your medium-saturation colors (like warm pink or leaf green) is going to help bring you into focus.

Neutrals:   Sand – a very warm color.  You can also wear khaki, and the soft brown of your hair would be a great color for leather goods, as would camel.   Warm grey – warmest grey, medium in tone – would make a nice neutral as well.  (You’ll have to be particular about your greys, but if you find the right one, go for it).

You’ll base your wardrobe off of the interplay of your greens, pinks and ivory, with lots of room for neutrals and bright accent colors.

Style Suggestions:  You have long, slender arms and legs.  Bring balance with volume in your skirts and a gently fitted silhouette through your torso (counter-intuitively, the only people who can wear a voluminous look through the torso are extremely thin).    Keep the sleeve volume minimal – it adds to the torso volume.   You have an incredible throat and collarbone area.  You’re going to want to bring attention to this with collar details.  Your neck is so pretty that you should be able to play with necklines a good bit – remember that you want balance.  Balance balance… and bring in those colors for contrast.

You wrote and said that you prefer longer skirts.  Tra la!  J  You’re in luck.  A wide tiered skirt, a wide denim skirt, anything A-line and voluminous – those are your friends.  You want them to be long though – all the way to the ankles.   For some reason, calf-length skirts inevitably read as dowdy, but ankle-to-floor length skirts read as fashionable.

You cover your hair.  Your hair is near your face – pay very close attention to your hair covers.  “Good enough” is *never* good enough.  You want beautiful covers.   You want covers that make your eyes pop.  You want texture and movement.   You are walking away from “plain” and moving into modest and fashionable.

Texture and movement are going to be very important to you.  I recommend layers – not so much for your figure, as for the movement and visual interest they provide.  Likewise texture.  It’s so easy these days to fall into a rut of wearing nothing but denim and tshirt knit.  The denim is fine, but the tshirt knit is blah and boring.  (On pretty much everyone).  You don’t need to get rid of your tshirts – but remember to bring some interest to the party.

Do remember fit.  Fit is crucial.  It doesn’t mean that you have to  wear tight clothing, it does mean that having your curves and the curves of your clothing hitting the same places is vitally important.  You’ll be shocked at how much difference this will make to your overall appearance.

You avoid certain chemicals in your makeup, so wear it very seldom.  I wouldn’t recommend much for you, other than something to make your eyes and lips pop, and maybe a dusting of powder elsewhere.   You could get by very nicely with a smudge-liner in brown and a lipstain in one of your corals, maybe some mascara.  You have to be the one who is vigilant about your own health – and health is far more important than skin paint.   I find, as someone who has a lot of color in her own face, that a bit *more* color (with blush) actually balances things out.  I put my blush back on the parts of my cheeks where people generally apply it, and it makes my fore-cheeks less bright.  I also swipe it over my eyes, it makes the blue pop.  Just a teeeeny swipe, almost invisible.   If you want to keep adding, and can find makeup that is okay, I’d maybe add a light ivory on the tops of your lids – just something to bring more attention to those eyes of yours.

Good luck and God bless…


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