Analysis #3: Victim B

Victim B for blog

Soft, nurturing colors with a classic sensibility.

Victim B prefers some anonymity, and thus we’ll use the pseudonym through this analysis.

You chose not to send a figure pic, so I’m going to give you the briefest of style analysis.  You have a pile of kids, and you’re always running them around – aka you’re in the public eye, all the time.  So what you want to have is a comfortable look, a kid-chasing appropriate look, but a look that you’re not ashamed to be seen in.

I like a long full skirt for almost every mom.   Long + full means that you can bend over and catch the baby.  It tends to be flattering, and covers a myriad of figure flaws.   A long full skirt doesn’t have to be dowdy!  Perish the thought – and check your pinterest for some ideas.   Washable – but manys the thing that can be made of cotton.

Pair your skirt with a pretty, feminine sweater (that is slightly fitted) or a tank+buttondown or a feminine tshirt or a blouse.  Again, all of cotton.  Your colors especially lend themselves to blending beautifully, so your outfits should be largely interchangeable.

Accessorize.  A belt + cute shoes makes an outfit.  You have fine hair (so do I!) so I’d recommend a pretty hairclip to keep it where you want it.  (A side-part/side-swept look will be good – try it).  A soft bun is also good.  Some cute (small – you have little fingers to think of) earrings will complete your do… maybe a cute watch?    Find a strand of silvery pearls for church and /or nights out.

Color Analysis:

You are a classic summer with mist green eyes and blonde hair.

Your energy color:  The brightest color in your iris.  For you, this feels like a soft green.  Green has the connotation of nurturing – great for moms!   (If the pic has this off – go soft blue.   You’ll find both colors in your pins, and they’re both going to be great on you.  One will be better, but you’ll wear both).

Your relaxing color:  Light grey.

Your intense color/power color:   Dark bottle green.  (Or a soft navy – should those eyes be blue)

Your intimate/passionate color:  Rose pink – you have so many colors of pink that you can wear, and wear well.  Enjoy them!

Your version of white:  Oyster/off-white with a very slight brownish grey tone.

Your neutrals:  You hit the jackpot here… you have a ton of neutrals, and this will make your wardrobing sooo much easier.   You look amazing in taupe (check out the matching in the picture above) as well as most shades of grey, light buff, navy blue, and denim blue.    Riches in neutrals means that you can pick up a few well-chosen skirts and jacket/cardigans and they’ll go with *everything* else.   That leaves your shirts for your fun colors and makes it easy to have a variety of looks without many clothes.

Blue loves you.  Soft blues, especially – but any blue that isn’t obviously warm is going to play nicely.

Purple is pretty darn fond of you too – check out the dusty medium purples and lavenders.   This is going to be a contrast look for you, bringing your eyes and lips into focus.

Don’t try to wear black or white – they’ll drain you.  Brights are going to look clashy.  Avoid jewel tones.  Pastels are your friends.   Silver and pewter are your best metals, and please wear some pearls.  (The cooler pearls rather than ivory).  “Heathered” fabrics – the ones mixed together – are going to give a pleasing effect.    You can probably manage a light, pastel yellow… but don’t try orange.  Red is likewise tricky – there is a red you can wear, but remember that your watchwords are “cool and soft”.  You’re much better in pink, or even a light wine.

I hope you enjoyed this!  🙂


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