Victim #2: Elle

Elle for blog

Color Analysis:  Your overall season is a Spring.

That means that your colors should all be full of life.  Clear and crisp, translucent colors.   You’re a flower in God’s garden, and that’s your inspiration for getting dressed.

Your cheeks are a warm happy pink – and you should pick warm pinks.  I’m not sure that peaches would agree with you – try and find out.  Cold pinks will not.  You can wear the warm pinks from a delicate petal pink all the way to strawberry, but with your snapping blue eyes and white hair, I’d recommend the brighter shades.  (Don’t go fluorescent, that’s only for teenagers).

Reds are warm clear reds – strawberry and geranium.  Not a ton of reds will work, but when you find the right one, what a pop!  Be patient.

Blues – you have mischievous blue eyes.  Wear most any shade of warm clear blue that suits your fancy.  It will work!  Your most authoritative color is a bright navy, the color of that midnight sky.  If you want to be formal, choose that.  (This is your “black”).   Don’t try to wear greyed blues or cobalt, those are some of the few that don’t work.

Greens – Light bright dancing greens, usually mixed with a dollop of blue.  Spring meadows are your inspiration, and clear water.

Purples – periwinkle and sherbet are your best bets.

Cream and ivory are your versions of white, you can also wear what is called “winter white”, which is a warm off-white.

Your neutrals are light buff colors, but mostly you’re going to want to keep neutral colors away from your face.  (The cost of being a Spring).  Ivory and midnight blue are your neutrals.  You can wear denim very nicely, and that works as a casual neutral.   Khaki is fine.  You’ll find that browns are best in leather – flat colors of any kind aren’t your friends.   Your colors must have *life*.

Colors to avoid, though they look like they might work:  Pastels.  Your light, bright colors are colors mixed with water – pastels are mixed with milk or grey.  Don’t wear black or bright white either.  Yellow seldom works on Caucasian women over 15.  You can wear butter yellow in a print, if you like it.  Orange is iffy – a bright light orange, again in a print, is as much as I’d wear.

Elle:  Let your light shine!

The first thing that struck me in all the pictures you sent me was how much happier and more yourself you look when you are in your jeans and tshirts.  You practically snap with vitality and energy.   This is your real self, and this is the self you need to show the world.

A lot of us end up thinking that the clothes we find for the functions we have to attend are “good enough” – this especially holds when we’re not happy about what we see in the mirror (or on the price tag!).   I don’t want you to feel that way about any of your clothing – because nothing that you put on should ever only be “good enough”.

You have a light about you, a youthfulness and vigor that isn’t going to change – not ever.  Your clothes should reflect this.  I’m not suggesting you go shop in the junior’s section!  But I do want you to let that sense of delight fill your clothing choices.   You want to wear clothing with movement, you want color and energy.  Let your light shine!

Figure suggestions:  You have an hourglass figure, with plenty of sand.  You want to visually emphasize your narrow waist.   I suggest wearing full skirts when you’re not in your jeans.   You won’t want clingy fabrics, think crisp fabrics like linen or eyelet cotton or denim (your pinterest site has some examples).   Pair the full skirts with a pretty blouse – you are a very pretty woman, and you should wear pretty things.   No more rectangular outfits!   Buy a swirly skirt and twirl…

Yes, you’re going to want to cover up your upper arms.  Suggested sleeve lengths would be bracelet, and just above and below the elbow.   Baggy sleeves are out – fitted is in.  A rolled up blouse sleeve (or button-up) would be great.   I am going to suggest that you look into pairing button-up shirts with your tshirts and tanktops.  This is a slimming look, and it looks more finished too.  When you wear a skirt, you could wear a small, discreet belt and your shirt tucked in.  When you wear jeans, you want to wear your shirts out, and I suggest a shirt-hemline about 4-5” below your waist, with the buttondown (or sweater) dropping a few inches lower.    Don’t go baggy.  You need balance, not additional volume.

Necklines – please wear a scoopneck, or a boatneck T like you have on in this picture.  Crewneck tshirts are a plague upon womankind and look good on no one.  They don’t belong in your closet.  There are usually beautiful feminine tshirts to be had – plain front is fine, you don’t want any three-dimensional entertainment going on, it only adds volume.

Your style is feminine and sporty – I would love to see you grab some cute lace-up granny boots to accessorize with, a belt carved with flowers, and some floral accessories for your beautiful silver hair.  Make yourself smile, smile lots, and spread it around.  A pretty watch, some bracelets, and great earrings wouldn’t go amiss either.  (Accessories take your sporty looks and make them girly and fun – always accessorize!)

You are a very pretty woman and the prettiest part of you is that twinkle in your blue eyes.  Let your whole body twinkle!

As a Spring, the Springtime is the best time to find your colors – so go out and shop!


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