I need victims

I did a style and color analysis for one of my online friends this week, and it was so fun!  I think I worked out what kind of product I could offer to folks… but I’d like to try it out on some victims.  (Online Victim of Anonymity, this doesn’t mean you – although if you want to talk about it, feel free).

This is totally free – I am learning, I need feedback, I need marketing.

I will email your info to you privately, but I would also like to post it.  So.  If you’re in…

I need a good picture of your face, with a minimum of face-paint.  I need to see the color you flush, so a picture of the palm of your hand would be very helpful.  If you want style advice as well as a color analysis, please send a full body picture and your height.   I need to be able to see your eye color *very* well, please keep this in mind.  And if you dye your hair, please let me know what color it used to be.  All pictures should be taken in the best light you can manage, especially those for color.

For style advice, I need to know what you spend your time doing.  For color, I need to know what your emotional needs for color are – do you prefer to keep the walls up, or do you need lots of happy bright colors in your life, do you need motivation to get up and get gorgeous? You get the idea.  Tell me what you want from your presence.  The more I know, the better a job I can do, so please feel free to babble on.  (I enjoy that anyway).  Do you wear pants?  What are your modesty requirements?  How much jewelry are you comfortable wearing?  What’s the weather like where you live?  What do you do all day?

So – you’ll get a pinterest board, with your name (or a code name) on it.  You’ll get a personal color sheet, with examples of your very best colors surrounding your face, so you can see what I’m blathering on about.  You’ll get a color analysis, discussing what your best colors for different situations are, and what colors to avoid.  For my First Victim, that was a full page, typed.

If we do style, I’ll have some style pictures in your pinterst board, and I’ll discuss good and bad lines for your figure (do tell me what you consider your figure issues, if any).  The more you tell me, the more I’ll be able to tell you.   Color tends to not need much refining, style usually does end up being a conversation, where we narrow down exactly who you are now and what you’re looking to show.

But then, since this is free and I’m using it for feedback and marketing – I’m going to post this on the blog.  (Not you, First Victim, you didn’t volunteer for that).  I’m going to give myself about a week for each one, so you know.  I will use fake names if you like – so you don’t even have to have your internet name used, if you would rather not.   Let me know.

If you’re in, comment at the bottom of this post and I’ll email you.  I guess you could email my fake email box but I don’t check that, it’s easier to just comment.  (Make sure your WP email addy is a good one).  I am both excited and nervous….


25 thoughts on “I need victims

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  2. superslaviswife

    I’ll gladly be a victim. Can also send you various photos of me in my typical clothes, so you can say what I’m doing right and wrong and whether my clothing is suitable for the activities I’m doing, as you would if a client were stood in front of you. 🙂


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  4. Maeve

    So, I was Hearthie’s first “victim” – nothing victim about it! What a wonderful experience. She had me pegged and had me seeing myself through new eyes!

    A ringing endorsement… THANK YOU!


      1. peoplegrowing

        Sorry, haven’t had a chance to take good ones yet. And I figured I was low on the list, so I had planned to do that over the weekend…. I will hurry up and get those out! XD Sorry about that. ❤


      2. hearthie Post author

        No worries! Sometimes the emails people put on blogs aren’t their real emails – I wanted to make sure folks had gotten their email with *my* real email. You don’t need to rush. 😀


  5. hearthie Post author

    Yay! Okay – everyone should have received an email from me – I emailed the address in your WP comments. See above for what I need from you.

    I take 3-5 days to do each profile… I could push myself faster, but then I don’t do my best work and get all stressed out and it’s not good for anyone. Time is needed to marinate in each of you, and pray over things, as well as the profiles I’m making up. I want to give y’all my best. I’m doing them in order of who sent me pictures first – so I’ve got SSW, then Elle, then Victim B, and on from there.

    I’ve gotten some lovely chatty emails from a few of you and then responded with “pictures!” But never fear – I am a chatty cathy and will chat you up when I start working on your profiles.

    As far as I’m concerned, doing this is like releasing the angel from the marble. *I* see the pretty, but somehow you don’t. That’s gonna change… 😀


  6. theshadowedknight

    If you are still looking for more victims, you can throw my name in. I had something similar done before, so I am interested in how closely you match up.

    The Shadowed Knight


  7. Danielle_Jenee

    Oh my goodness I just found this by going through your posts. I’m so late. I’d love to be a victim if you ever need one again. I’m 16 and I need to stop messing up with style/fashion while I still can lol


  8. Deborah

    Somehow I missed this post, which really is too bad. I would love to be a victim–or, even, if you’re at the point where you’re ready to turn professional, I’d be interested in a price list! My public email is reflectionsqa {at} gmail and I bet you can figure out the rest of the address 😉 That email forwards to my personal email, so if you email me, it may take a couple of days if the forwarding is being wonky, but I will see it eventually.



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