Wear your colors, please.

I know I’m evil about no black, no white, and stop wearing the ….  Well, this is why.  All pictures were taken this morning, without a shred of makeup.

Just me.  And some tank top straps (sorry):  004

White vs. cream – do you see how the cream works with me, and the white works against?  Even with the flash?

006 012 010

Black vs. Charcoal:  Check out sallow girl, to the left…. oh, wait – she’s golden… on the right.

007 013

One of my best colors – turquoise vs. one of my worst – greyed lavender.  See how the lavender makes me look vaguely ill, but in the turquoise, I’m all energetic and bouncy?


ETA – add a very light touch of makeup (less than 2 min – this is blush, eyeliner, lipstick – some blush on the eyes) and another pretty color… and here I go out.




2 thoughts on “Wear your colors, please.

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  2. Ouida Gabriel

    Love what you have been sharing. I learned a bit about colors a couple years ago and slowly have been incorporating them. Last October while I was visiting faily in Iowa I found a lovely coral scarf that looks amazing on me. I wish I could show you, I have never looked so nice in anything as this color. I actually stumbled onto those whole color thing. I realized a long while back that I looked really good in corals and certain rosy pinks hues. I thought I was getting old when really, I was wearing the wrong colors. LOL.

    Thanks again Hearthie! You are teaching us in your journey.

    Ouida Gabriel



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