Refashion: Denim Skirt

I needed a knee-length skirt…. today.  We’re headed out to the tide pools, and I’m sure to be wading.  Long skirts need not apply!

001I don’t have one.  No shorts, either.

Elna to the rescue… she’s been home less than half an hour.

This is one my first makes.  I found some very important things out… I need a waistband.  I need a very wide hem.  Calf-length skirts are a mistake.  But hey, it lives in the closet because … jeans.  I don’t wear it much, now that I have my other denim skirts.

And now, while not totally fabulous… still no waistband, still not the widest hem (although to my amusement the weight being off the 003fabric, it looks wider than it was).  But it’s knee length, which means I won’t have wet hems.  (And yes, I did the bendcheck – safe.  Not flattering, but safe).

Sure, it’s still on the chopping block – but I have something to wear…. and since we’re leaving in half an hour, that’s a very good thing!


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